A downloadable game for Windows

You are the protector of the light overnight. You need to protect the Cores of Light from monsters. You can collect light appearing in various places in the map, then spend light on building towers, to help you handle the night or heal cores. After your health drop to 0, you will respawn being able to play the same night.

The more cores you lose the stronger enemies will spawn. If you lose the main core, light will be gone forever.

Made by The Last Minute Crew for Epic Mega Jam 17

Programmers: Ian Holstead (@IanHolstead), Dovydas Kaunas (HeXtion)

3D Artists:  René Borger (Cody1712), Leva Survilaitė / Eva Surv (UltraDwagon)

Audio: jtn191


LightwatchFixed.zip 573 MB